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The Saglimbeni Store is home to award-winning photographer Nick Saglimbeni and the team of artists at SlickforceStudio.\r\n\r\nBe apart the many unique artistic, creative and sexy products that are already selling extremely well. We are adding new products all the time!\r\n\r\nSome of the many products sold include award winning Mastering Retouching & Compositing DVD tutorial series (sold to over 54 countries)\r\n\r\nEnjoy high impact and professionally design banners to help promote the products on your website and social networks. \r\n\r\nAverage order size is approximately $55, with some products selling up to $1,500, so you have the potential to make sizable payouts. \r\n\r\nAffiliates start out earning 15% of sales and can rapidly increase their percentage, based on sales figures.\r\n\r\nSign up now to get started today!

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Commission on sale: 15 %


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