Affiliate Marketing At Wigify

Wigify is the global affiliate network bringing together affiliates and merchants through our bespoke platform. The platform allows affiliates and merchants to self manage their activities and grow relationships. There are no set-up fees or on going monthly fees for affiliates or merchants.

Shop owners

By running an affiliate programme you will access the many small to medium sized website owners who can promote your offerings.

  • 1. Create a free account
  • 2. Add our tracking codes
  • 3. Recruit affiliate
  • 4. Only pay for completed transactions
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Becoming an affiliate at Wigify is a simple process and will enable you to start earning money quickly.

  • 1. Create a free account
  • 2. Join affiliate programmes
  • 3. Add links (banners also available) to your websites or media
  • 4. Make money from transactions

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